Bacon, Maple Syrup, and Scala Up North 2015



Last Friday (September 25, 2015) to the following Saturday, I attended my first technical conference Scala Up North 2015 at the Ryerson Student Centre in Toronto (while information is available at

It was fun seeing local Toronto Scala and Typesafe User Group veterans Sean Glover and Katrin Shechtman speak.


Sean’s presentation about Spark Streaming was a nice introduction, and I believe it was a similar presentation he gave at the Toronto Scala and Typesafe User Group before.


Katrin’s “Can DSLs be Human?” was a fun presentation. As a fan of DSLs myself, it was interesting seeing her explanation of various internal, external and hybrid DSL implementations in Scala. Her shout-out to DSLs in Action was very nice; it is a really great read.


Bill Venners and Duncan DeVore - amazing people in the Scala and the Typesafe community; it was an amazing experience meeting them personally.

There were a lot of great talks as the full list can be found in this link: My favourite talks were about types; Amanda Laucher’s talk about Types vs. Tests blew my mind:


“Type signature is a Theorem. Function definition is the Proof.”

Overall, it was a very interesting conference; hopefully, I’ll be there next year.

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