About Jacob Park

I am a learning enthusiast; particularly, I am enthusiastic in learning about various emerging technologies.

As a hobby, I am very involved with the Android platform and its community. My various Android related open-sourced applications and libraries accumulate to a total of over 400 stars on GitHub: https://github.com/jparkie.

Professionally, I am a Scala and Typesafe enthusiast; Play, Akka, Spark, Spray, Kamon, and Gatling - I love them all! You’ll find me at a lot of Scala and Typesafe related meetups and conferences, so if you ever want to talk about Akka or deep dive into a discussion about Reactive Streams with RxJava or Akka Streams, stay for a while!

Meanwhile, this Jekyll theme for this website was crafted by John Otander (@4lpine).